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The series features agitators mounted directly on the engine shaft or gear motor, with small turret housing bearings and retainers.


Depending on the stirring fixture, there are a wide variety of mixing operations in the range of low to medium viscosity, around 1,000 mPas, which can be carried out with this low power series.


The normal rotation speed is between 150 rpm and 750 rpm.

Serrated edge disc


The Cowles series offers an alternate serrated edge disc for dispersions and mixtures of medium and high speed, depending on the size and product to be mixed, they operate between 100 and 1400 rpm, as well as a wide range of viscosity products.


This makes them completely versatile in fulfilling different purposes, being useful in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.


This type of agitator is completely suitable for working all types of dispersions, especially when a strong impact on the liquid, viscous and solid phases is necessary.



A jet flow agitator. Its efficiency is between a normal agitator and a rotor stator dispersion agitator.


It is mainly used when a mixing product has to have an intense circulation, even at high viscosities (up to approx. 15,000 mPas).


It is also suitable in unfavourable containers as far as dimensions and shapes are concerned.


The stirring speed is usually high, from 600 rpm to 1500 rpm depending on the viscosity.

Stirring Disc


The bladed disk series is used wherein the mixture has a lot of solids with varied particles, soluble or otherwise.


The stirring speed is from 80 rpm to 400 rpm.

Axial Turbine


The series is specially designed to prevent vibrations when mixing low viscosity liquids.


It behaves like a marine propeller, but with a circumferential helix guide hoop, which is used as a centraliser, avoiding vibrations during the stirring because of its self centring capabilities.



Used for the production of any kind of dispersions, emulsions, suspensions, homogenizing and lyosols (liquid gases with solids).


Depending on the boiler system and its sealing, they can be used safely in open or closed tanks, in vacuum and pressurized conditions and in temperatures up to 160 °C.


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