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Simple rotation


The anchor and propeller agitators at the core are frequently used for the preservation of creams or other viscous products, waiting to be packaged.


This way, the production of new batches is speeded up, the mixture processor and it environment can be cleaned while the previous batch is being packaged.


This type of agitator can also be used for very low viscosity formulas, which means that the product will not stick to the blades.

Large and medium blades


With one or more blades mounted on a single shaft, it will be used for stirring liquid or low viscosity products at low rpm to achieve a mixing efficiency without excessive movement of the product and in the absence of entrapped air. Typically used between 6 rpm and 80 rpm.



Double anti rotation spiral


Vertical mixing system intended for homogenizing solid pastes or solid granules larger than 2 mm approx. The stirring speed is usually applied based on the viscosity or granular solids to be mixed, and will be between 10 rpm and 40 rpm.



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